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  FHHS Class of '67 Questionnaire started by Michael Zmistowski (Thanks Mike!)

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1. LIVING ARRANGEMENT? I live with Vince, my husband of 33 years and our youngest daughter who is a senior at The King's Academy. Oldest daughter is finishing her Masters at UCF. Our home is nestled in the oaks and pines on Pioneer Road in WPB - we didn't stray far! 4 Bedroom/3 Bath, 4,000 square foot home on 12.5 acre lake. It is to much house for my wife and I with our son gone but we just refinanced vs. down sizing. It is comfortable and roomy. It's good when family comes to visit. New Zealand style home on a clifftop overlooking the Hauraki Gulf (a National Park) in Auckland, NZ. It's so beautiful we sit out on our back deck and drink it in all the time. My family consists of wife Susi and two Norwich Terriers, Nikki and The Tuggernong, that we brought with us from the US. No two legged children. Live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath home on a lake in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. My two daughters, Whitney (17) and Janelle (15) visit on weekends and only live 2 miles away with their Mom. I still live in West Palm Beach, Fla with my husband, Buddy and my mother, my dogs Sami and Patches, my cat Kitty Whiskers and a whole lot of uninvited critters that manage to find their way in thru my doggie door. Same place I have lived since right after graduation. (Except for a couple of side move outs to get married or try some new scenery). Above ground, in Lake Worth with Clinger and BabyBird, my two cockatiels. I don’t recall ever being married, however, sometimes mail comes that is addressed to Mrs. John Shoemaker. Though, I am getting better at forgetting things, I don’t think I’m so good yet that I could forget something like that. 4 br/2ba home in Royal Palm Beach on a corner lot in one part of the original Royal Palm Beach Colony (formerly a swamp ... I mean wetland area) with wife Sue [just celebrated our 30th anniversary!] and my daughter's dog (now ours) Shylow. Our 2 children have moved out giving me a computer room and 2 junk rooms ... which we convert to guest rooms as needed (move the junk from one room to another - no garage!) Mother, me and a cat, named Kat (plus whichever son needs a place to stay at the moment) share a much too big house on a lake. Contemporay home in Tampa on a lake behind the third green bordered by very tree filled conservation area with wife Kim, Nikki the min-pin, Lucy the cat and Ferris the fish ... daughter Devany and son Justin are off to college. Well....they're somewhat transitional right now.... we currently have our house up for's a 5-bedroom two-story brick home in Cary, NC (just outside Raleigh), and, we plan to move to our small vacation home at the coast of NC, while we build on our property at Lake Glenville in the mountains of NC. I retired 2 1/2 years ago after 30 years with IBM, and husband, John, has just retired as well. (We're having fun now......every day is a holiday!!!) Oldest son, Todd, is a Loan Officer with Household Bank, and youngest, Vance, is a sophmore at East Carolina University. I live in a 1962 home in Jupiter on the inside block of a waterfront community with my husband Don     of 32 years and a Himalayan cat named "Eienstein". (Our grandcat named by our daughter,                Sandra, a pyschology graduate from FSU.)  We've been in this house 18 1/2 years. I LIVE 1/2 BETWEEN CROSS CITY AND OLD TOWN ON US HIGHWAY 19 IN THE MIDDLE OF 190 ACRES (MOSTLY PLANTED PINE) SURROUNDED BY WHITE FENCE. BRICK HOME IN THE MIDDLE. I HUSBAND , 2 DOGS, 4 CATS (INSIDE). 6 DOGS, 8 CATS OUTSIDE. With my husband in a 3BR/2BA on a golfcourse in Palm Bay, FL (just on the south side of Melbourne) My wife, Chris; my son, Cole; and I just moved into a 1999 house a mile away from the 1994 house we'd been living in, oh, 7 years. Chris wanted a house with a backyard and a lot of neighbors with wholesome kids. So now that's what we have. Cole will be 7 in a few weeks. 4 br/4ba Traditional brick home in Winston-Salem, NC. Have lived in this house 16 years, but am planning to sell it in the next few years and build a much smaller place on the 43+ acres my significant fellow and I just bought up in the foothills around Dobson, NC. We need the acreage for our 6 horses, but don't need the square footage in the house for family anymore... Any guests can stay in the circa 1940s log cabin that came with the property. Contemporary home in Northbrook, IL (suburb of Chicago) with a pool in the back yard to always remind me of where I grew up. Living with wife Mari, 13 year old son Nicholas & no pets, thank you. 3 bedroom/2-1/2 bath two story Spanish style home in a desert community 70 miles northeast of Los Angeles with my significant other of 20 years Bob and our min pin dog, Shortie. We both commute to Los Angeles for work. My daughter lives in West Palm Beach so one bedroom is my sewing room and the other a guest room. Two story brick house built in 1933 in greater downtown Stoneville, NC. (Big joke - total population 1,018. We have 3 stoplights, two of which are usually on flash!) Have shared my life, love, and living arrangements with my husband Walt for the past 26+ years. Critterville Paradise in top-secret Boynton Beach, FL with my best friend & perfect wife: Sandi (Woodworth). I've been married 27 years to an Auburn man whom I met in Okeechobee. The irony is I was born at AU and my dad went there and it was always my goal, but I wound up at a small school in Ga. And instead of a vet I'm a school teacher for the past 32 years. We live in a 3/2 in Okeechobee with a blue tick hound, a beagle, a rat terrier and a cat. We also have 4 horses of various age and personality. I still ride though I quit for a few years. Our son is attending Santa Fe CC in Gainesville with an eye on the U of F when he gets his aa. am presently living in Jasper, Florida (about 28 miles north of Lake City). 4,000 sq. ft. house on 8 acres over looking "GATOR" pond (as in University of Florida) with my significant other Bruce Glueck . LIVE IN A 2/2 TOWNHOUSE WITH A PATIO BEEN HERE 11 YEARS AND CANT THINK OF ANY REASON TO MOVE PLUS IT IS REAL CLOSE TO WHERE I WORK. Divorced in 1996 (not my idea---his, but I've discovered I'm better off and he's NOT!). Currently living with a high school teacher and academic teams coach (one person). I have one 24 year old son who works for the City of Fayetteville, has his own apartment, and calls me every afternoon after school. Recently, a tabby cat which I call P.K., adopted me. We moved 3 years ago to my dream home. It is big enough to have everybody over, but small enough to keep clean! I live with my husband, Ray, of 34 years, and our son and daughter-in-law who are with us temporarily. We live in West Palm Beach. 3 bedroom-2 bath home on 5 acres in the small town of Murphy, North Carolina. The absolute best thing is sitting on the front deck and looking at the mountains. Can't wait for fall and winter! Small house in the Southern California city of Corona del Mar just a few blocks from the ocean. I live there with my husband of 21 years and our dog Ruby. Townhouse in Palm Springs that I bought in 1986 that I live in with my two cats and all my chachkees. I live in Alabama with husband Mike and 3 children + 1 is married and move out. I travel 214 miles to work each day round trip from Anniston to Birmingham. I live with my husband, Neal, daughter, Meryl, and three cats. We live in Atlanta, Ga. (I have been here 31 years.) Living alone in my house in Atlanta…..divorced twice…still looking…..any of y'all got any good looking sisters?…. Live with my husband Charles of 32 years in Lantana in which we have lived here for 28 years I live in Palatka with my husband Charles and 3 doxi's!  By the way Palatka is a small town just a little way from G-ville ?
2. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Having Our Say, the Delaney Sisters First Hundred Years ; and just finished a great adventure book, Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler - it's a guy's book but it was a real page turner! I would rather be outside. "The Fatal Shore" Believe it or not the last book I actually read was the "Three Little Pigs". I read it to a kindergarten class at the school where I am the principal, Forest Hill Elementary in West Palm Beach. They always love for me to come and read a story and especially love the " huff and puff and blow your house down " part. Other than that I love reading books by Robert Fulghum. I don't read books. I don't have time and when I do I always fall asleep trying to read. I am real big on listening to TV. - I really don't read books much. When I do read, I enjoy fictional. In fact the last book I read (re-read actually) was "The Fellowship of the Ring" in anticipation of seeing the movie last year. I'm getting ready to re-read "The Two Towers", for the next release in December. Clive Cussler's Deep Six. I read all kinds of well written books, but I still hate biographies, and autobiographies. Just finished "An Hour Before Daylight" by President Jimmy Carter. Currently reading "Nerve Center." I'm not .......... too busy packing up things and moving them. I enjoy books relating to Florida and are mainly "Cracker Westerns"  based loosely on fact, but     give a very accurate description of life in old Florida.  The last book was "Riders of the Suwannee" by Lee Gamling.  Currently I'm reading "The Mermaids Singing" by Lisa Carey.  (The title is what caught my attention.) I READ CHRISTIAN FICTION. Just bought David Baldacci's Last Man Standing & Living Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. And out of necessity The 36 Hour Day. Stories of the Courage to Teach, by Sam Intrator, which was given to me by someone I interviewed for one of my books Charleston by John Jakes (he's one of my favorite authors) Just finished "Different Loving" by Gloria Brame "Pop Goes the Weasel" by Jim Patterson. I like mystery books mostly. What do you mean book? I usually have one going in just about every room - that way I don't have to wonder where I put my book down! Am currently working on "A Beautiful Mind" by Sylvia Nasar and "Once An Eagle" by Anton Myrer. I also usually have either a Sci-fi/Fantasy or a Mystery going. Rolling Thunder (Paperback series about NASCAR). I am not reading a book at the moment. Florida Motorcycle Handbook (going to get my license this month) I've been riding for awhile, but thought I'd better make it official. I ALWAYS LIKE READING, USED TO WORK IN THE SCHOOL LIBRARY ALL DURING HIGH SCHOOL. I LIKE FORENSIC MURDER MYSTERY, HYSTERICAL ROMANCE ABOUT EVERYTHING EXCEPT HORROR BOOKS. I'm reading Bee Season for my book club which meets once a month. I am partial to my favorite author and sister, Lucia St. Clair Robson, although her first novel Ride the Wind is her best I am reading the August issue of Reader's Digest, because I am behind. Stephen King: Everything's Eventual, Kay Hooper: Whisper Of Evil, Ann Rule: Possession,Tami Hoag: Dark Paradise, and anything else I can get my hands on; my favorite pass time is reading. Nothing right now. Just finished "7 Up" by Janet Evanovich and the last Harry Potter book. An Accidental Woman by Barbara mom works in the library so I read a lot...prefer fiction - psychotic killer stories, love stories, family sagas, adventure, lawyer/cop books, etc. I like christian fiction, but due to a traveling companion that is a genius but his books are on space travel and physics and mine are on religion. Since he has not decided on a religion, or is athesist, we read science fiction about Ender Wiggin. I read he drives or he reads I drive. It breaks the silence and creates conversation away from him putting down religion or me being bored with science details of the atom and neutron ro how he is going to create a transport system. The Sea Glass by the author who wrote The Pilots Wife The Cell…..recommend it to everyone… I am not reading a book at this time Just finished Danielle Steele's"The Cottage" ?
3. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? I never use a mouse pad. Miami Dolphins!!!! I use a laptop with an integrated mouse I guess the correct answer would be the mouse!! Actually it says Triumph Learning I am a big Marvin the Martian fan...soooooooooo, guess who is on my mouse pad. - I have 2, "Think beyond the box" and one that depicts the UF Gator. Winnie the Pooh at work, at home I need to buy a new one. The air pump to my (one) fish's tank was noisy, so the mouse pad makes a nice sound reducer. It is a solid gray. "Follow Your Dreams" with contemporary art. ......only a plain wrist pad now...for comfort! My mouse pad has a picture of a mermaid. HOME HAS PUPPIES. OFFICE HAS FAITH MESSAGE Don't have one but my screen saver is various Impressionist paintings! I discovered that my mouse works just fine without a mouse pad. At the office, the mousepad is IBM blue - no graphics. At home I have a beautiful picture of a cross-stitched sampler from the 1999 'Spirit of Cross-Stitch Festival'. A calendar that tears off like a note pad Work is an advertisement for my brother's place of work. Home is plain red. Our granddaughter's picture (Kathryn, will be 6 in Nov.[2002]) Integrated Science (desktop), Optical mouse (laptop). - General Motors Program Info. AT WORK IT IS A DELL MOUSE PAD COMPLIMENTS OF THE COUNTY. AT HOME I HAVE A TRACK BALL BUT IT SITS ON A NICE CROCHET DOILY. A picture of my son, my mother and my father at my son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. My father passed away in 1997. I still cry when I think of him. My mother is 85 and still living in WPB. My mouse pad is solid. I'm too cheap to buy one with Thomas Kincade on it. My mouse of course :-) But my desktop and my screen saver were designed by me. Nothing - it's boring Nothing at work, at home it is one I got from ABC and says "I'd rather be watching TV". CWA local pad at home. It was free. At work show me the money, it was free. One has Paul Frank is your friend (a picture of a monkey). The other mouse pad has Georgia Bulldogs (picture of bulldog) Mouse poo…… Nothing, I don't have a mouse pad I have a Logitech mouse that doesn't move It's simply blue ?
4. FAVORITE BOARD GAME? Scrabble - still get together with friends and play once or twice a year Not one to sit and play games. I have to be on the go. Chess Love playing Free Cell on the computer. When it comes to board games I still enjoy Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. Chess is also one of my favorites but I can't findanyone to have a game with lately. Any Trivial Pursuit game, just wish I knew the answers. - "Axis and Allies" which I play with my son, Eric (UF graduate, 24 years old and single), when he's home for a week or so (lives and works in Gainesville). The game takes days to play out, and he wipes all my military out and captures all my land almost every time! What we won't do to spend time with our kids! I don't play games.  I always lose. Many years ago, Brenda Curtis and I played "Life" a lot and I enjoyed that, and I used to like to play Scrabble. Backgammon Scrabble is my all time favorite. Backgammon and Monopoly SCRABBLE, BUT NO ONE WILL PLAY WITH ME. Haven't played one in years but I'd probably like Scrabble again (yawn). Except for chess with my son, I haven't played an adult board game in awhile, but I was pretty good at Trivial Pursuit. Chess (I collect unusual chess sets, too!) Backgammon, Chess Scrabble. Do jigsaw puzzles count? Backgammon. - Haven't played one in years. LIKE PLAYING CARDS. Trivial Pursuit Monopoly...I prefer a good card game Backgammon. Ouija Backgammon, although I don't play much since I left Atlanta. Sometimes we play Barbie's Prom game and remember when we were young! scrabble I forgot the name of it--something to do with drawing pictures and everyone on your team tries to guess what you are saying. Trivial Pursuit Yatzee and Monopoly which I play with the grandkids Yahtzee ?
5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINE? National Geographic - I travel vicariously when I read it. Love Southern Living - been here since age 11 and consider myself a Southern woman, whatever that is! Dolphin Digest and Sporting News Motorsport Sport Diver Any magazine I have time to look at. Especially the one's with recipes. - Wired I can't wait for the Discover magazine to arrive each month. TV Guide, Diving, Worth and every publication related to my work. Don't really have one. Islands of the Carribean -Always dreaming of traveling. COUNTRY (GREAT PHOTOS) Reader's Digest. Hm. I remember liking Screw, but these days I just skim my wife's New Yorker. National Geographic followed closely by Southern Living Diving, Playboy, and all work related "trades" Quilts "Wildlife Art" Surfer's Journal, POB (Point of Beginning). Southern Living Martha Stewart Living DECORATING IDEAS, WOMAN WORLD, FAMILY CIRCLE, WOMAN'S DAY, FIRST MAGAZINE When I have time, I prefer books, but I do subscribe to British Heritage. Reader's Digest. People Magazine if I'm at the doctor's office. Modern Maturity--JUST KIDDING!! Any magazine that deals with computer technology. Architectural Digest TV Guide.....and lots of catalogs Better Homes and Garden/ also Southern Living Vanity Fair Men's Journal, Golf Digest Redbook, Home and Garden Today's Breeder--I used to raise Golden Retrievers and Irish Setters ?
6. FAVORITE SMELLS? My husbands cologne, a salty ocean breeze, fresh rain, spiced pear candles. Coffee, even though I don't drink it. Freah baked pastry is good, too. Virtually anything in New Zealand. We have no pollution, and the forests, mountains and beaches all have their unique, fresh odors. I always love to smell the Night Blooming Jasmine. I remember it well from my grandmother's house on Selkirk Street. Also love the smell of the ocean air. especially at night with the moon shining brightly and a gentle breeze. Hay, new mown grass, my granny's house and kitchen when she was alive. (see 37) A fine cigar, and Tree's Wings-N-Ribs "Barbeque Ribs". New cars, fresh baked cookies, baby powder, newly mowed grass, bar-b-q on the grill. Confederate jasmine, gardenias and society garlic. Citrus, salt air, mountain air. Night blooming jasmine, orange blossoms and gardenias. BABIES, PIZZA, NEWLY MOWN GRASS. Baking bread, Confederate Jasmine, Chanel No. 5, and babies (human or animal). I have to think about this one. Honeysuckle flowers and fresh mowed grass. Jasmine Roses and barbeque. Roses and rain. Sandi. fresh bread, country air and British Sterling. Coffee, Vanilla , Fresh Glazed Donuts. BABIES, FLOWERS AND PERFUME MANIA MY DAUGHTER SAYS. ALWAYS HAVE TO GO BY THE PERFUME COUNTERS IN THE STORE. The smell of autumn when the leaves are changing and wood-smoke is in the air. Vanilla perfume and coconut scented products. My granddaughter's hair, Magnolias. Peonies & cookies baking The smell of cookies baking, and clean sheets! Flowers, mowed grass and home made spaggetti The sent of a Rose A woman's breath I love the smell of a vanilla candle I also like cinnamon wood smoke, mountain air, orange blossom,fresh cut grass ?
7. FAVORITE SOUNDS? My family; rain on the roof when I'm in bed under the covers; 60's music, current music (no heavy metal). Soft music, waves, mountain streams. The wind and surf on the beach below our house on a clear night. Also the Tuis (native birds) in our trees. Silence !!!!! Working with kids and parents all day I just can't get enough silence sometimes. The sound of my daughters at the door and the roar of the crowd at the Dolphin games come in a pretty close second. John Bressler's keyboard music. (Performer and friend in Pennsylvania) (see 37)...when it comes to sounds, sometimes I even enjoy that awful noise that chalk makes when it goes the wrong way on the blackboard. My 11 month old (Aug 2002) grand-daughter's laugh (courtesy of my 19 year-old daughter Kim and her husband), and Thunder. The special sounds my cell phone makes when my sons are calling, ocean waves on the beach, wild birds singing, any harmonious music, children laughing. The quiet of a cool evening outside and the crack of a well hit golf drive. Children laughing. A well hit golf drive. But my favorite sounds are birds and crickets and the sounds of a river or the ocean splashing on the shore line. LAUGHTER AND BEAUTIFUL MUSIC Rain when I'm still in bed, music. probably my son's laughter Rain on the tin roof of the cabin. A great high end surround sound hi fi system. My one year old granddaughter laughing and jabbering. Unfortunately, I only hear it on the telephone mostly, but did get to hear it in person the week of August 19 when I was back in Florida for her first birthday. (That is why I could not attend the reunion this year. Any previous ones I never was contacted about.) Any of my family saying "I love you". Rain on palms, cicadas in summer. - My little one year old granddaughter Mackenzie jibber jabbering to me on the phone. The Rrrrrrroar of a Harley. Anything by the Eagles. MY GRANDDAUGHTER CALLING ME MIMMAE AND TALKING TO ME ON THE PHONE. SUCH INNOCENT IF IT WOULD ONLY LAST. Children playing, classical music, Andrea Bocelli, and a gentle rain The sound of rain while I'm going to sleep. This is silly, but the quietness of where we live. Laughter Quiet....or else one of my favorite CD's like Linda Eder, Bonnie Raitt, Streisand, or one of my many show Broadway musicals. Night noises and contempory christian songs birds chattering, water flowing, cats purring, and my family saying I Love You Waves or rapids….gotta be water….. The voices of my loved ones wind chimes, kids laughing, new born puppies ?
8. WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD? Losing a loved one, especially my parents. The day in February, 1991, when I lost control of a pick up truck in the rain and caused a wreck that killed a mother of two who was also a grandmother of three. I took that lady off this earth and deal with that on a regular basis. It is something that you never get over. Whenever I have to leave here! The feeling after a divorce. Knowing that it didn't work out the way the two of us had planned and knowing that our children would have to adapt to the situation. Also the death of a parent. Being with someone and still being lonely. - The loss of my brother in Viet Nam over 33 years ago! What a waste of talent we'll never fully realize was lost over there. Hard to believe they have McDonalds over there now. When I have forgotten something important and let someone down. The lost feeling I get when loved ones die!!! I try not to think about worst things in life. I agree with Mike - The lost feeling I get when loved ones die!!! BETRAYAL. In general, regretting a poorly made decision. when my son's hurting The loss of my parents. F%cking something UP! The loss of my grandmother and father. Two of them - When I have to leave my mother's room at the nursing home and she cries because she can't understand why she can't come with me (she has Alzheimer's). And when the hospital called me at midnight and told me I'd better get there right away because my husband was having his second heart attack. Calling home from the road and getting the machine. losing someone you love. Even though we may meet again in heaven, their absence here is devestating. When my Mom died and when I divorced. Both were very unhappy times for me. MY DAD'S DEATH. When I can't reach a student. When I have to part with my baby grandson. When we bring our granddaughter home on Sunday night and she cries at the window for us to take her back to our home. It has to be the loss of family or friends - and a hangover missing my Dad and worrying about my Mom Being lost feeling abandoned When my Dad died and just thinking about my Mom, who has Alzheimer's (sp?)…it really sucks!!!!! a loved ones departure Loosing a loved one ?
9. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK WHEN YOU WAKE? Hmmm... when did this start to hurt, then thank God I'm really healthy I have nothing to complain about. Good, another day; let's go!! Usually how lucky I am to be here. Monday through Friday : What do I have to do today !!!! Saturday and Sunday: What a wonderful day it is !!!! What do I have to do today and for who(m). - I hope I set the coffee maker last night. What do I have to do today? Do I really have to get up this early to workout?? I'm glad to be here today. What kind of fun can I have today? Oh no, I have to go to work! WHAT DAY IS THIS? Hmm, I don't know......what am I going to wear? Responsibility nut that I am, I begin thinking about the things I have to do. Weekdays - did I sleep through the alarm again? Weekends - how much of my do list can I accomplish today? Why do I still have this hard-on? What's the weather and traffic.> Have I overslept? Wish it was Saturday morning. - Wow, it's great to be alive! HOW LONG UNTIL RETIREMENT!!! What do I have to do to get my classroom ready for the day. What time is it? Does my husband have coffee ready for me? Do I have to get up? Weekdays - Do I have to get up now? Weekends - I don't have to get up yet! Why can't I retire. Thank you for this blessing of another day Where am I? what I am going to do today Gotta have coffee ?
10. FAVORITE COLOR? Wow....I like them all, not all together, but you know, blue sky, white clouds, green meadows, black pearls, etc. Blue Red Blue Blue (see 37) Blue turquoise, favorite combination - pink and yellow Blue Lavender Red BLUE...COBALT Good grief, only one?! I'm a Gemini, this is tough. My most prominent clothing color is black, but I also love warm greens & yellows. Easier to name is my least favorite color, which is Easter egg blue. Oh, I don't know; I've always thought that this question was pretty inane. Purple, okay? Blue Blue Blue Blue Sky blue blue, like my husband's eyes and our son's. Well, I wear a lot of black, but I think that's because it is suppose to make you look thin. Next would be RED! RED Blue Red Not fair! I love black, dark purples, mauves, deep green, and dark blue. HATE ORANGE!!!!!!!!! Red It's a tie - purple and red Blue yellow Olive green Cranberry Red; Navy Blue and a grayish blue Green ?
11. HOW MANY RINGS BEFORE YOU ANSWER THE PHONE? I rarely answer the phone as it is usually for our youngest. No more than two; I can't stand a ringing phone. As few as possible I usually check the caller I D If it is someone I want to talk to I will amswer right away, if not then I let it ring !!! Depends on how long it takes me to find it. After 5 the voice mail answers. - Whenever I can get to it. As soon as I reach it, two or three rings. I don't answer the phone anymore ... too intrusive. I return messages. When Vance is home on break, I don't have to answer's always for him. Otherwise, it's about 2 rings before I can find it. Two rings - from many, many years of secretarial duty. WHATEVER IT TAKES. If I'm answering it usually 2 but I don't feel compelled to answer a ringing phone when I'm home. I answer it as soon as I get there. As soon as the number shows up on caller-ID and I recognize it! Otherwise, the machine can get it (the phone was put in for MY convenience, wasn't it? I don't answer the phone anymore, thats why I have voice mail! Till when I can get to it. I try for no more than two, but I am always halfway across the house when it rings. Depends who's calling. - At work 1, at home more than 1. THANKS TO CALLER ID WHEN I WANT TO GET THERE AND DEPENDS WHO CALLING It depends on whose name pops up on the caller I.D. Two rings, unless I'm standing right beside it. Then just one. This is funny :-) Have caller ID, if not my daughter calling, I let the answering machine pick it up. Whenever As soon as the number shows up on caller-ID and I recognize it and want to talk to that person! Otherwise, the machine can get it (the phone was put in for MY convenience, wasn't it? (stole part of this from Marian) Atleast 3, then the recorder jumps in. try to get the second ring Don't let it influence me 2 to 4 rings usually two ?
12. FUTURE CHILD'S NAME? We don't expect any more children - maybe grands one day, however I always liked Isabella and John. I hope I never has to face that situation. I am too old for that problem. If I ever have another dog it will be named Vicesimus Lush (try to find a nickname for that one) No future child names here. My daughters will have children someday so I might offer a couple of suggestions to them. If I had to give names to any children I would have now I guess it would have to be OOPS and OH NO !!! Only future childs name I want is my grandchild's. I have 2 granddogs, both boys and lots of nieces and nephews and awaiting 2 great nieces (one anyday) the other in January. - No more children to name. And the grand-children's names are out of our hands. I think when I become a child again, I will go by Kathleen. I wanted to name a daughter Kathleen, and had three boys. That would likely be "grand" children and I won't pick names. Any name I pick would NOT have the words Prince (as in Michael Jackson"s two) or George (Forman's six) associated with it. Don't forsee any future children.......only more grandchildren.........have 2 beautiful granddaughters now--Katelyn and Sarah. I don't know what my children will name their children, but I would hope one of them would name a boy after my dad, James, and a girl, Maureen after my sister. I CAN GUESS AT A FUTURE DOG'S NAME...WOULD THAT DO? I haven't had any children yet and am not expecting any in the future! Ain't no more coming from these loins if I can help it. Not applicable. That would likely be "grand" children and I won't pick names. Not applicable. N/A Thank the Lord! Trigger. If we had other children I'd name a girl Sarah Katherine after my mother and mother in law and a boy James Rayburn after my father and father in law. Moot point however unless they bark, meow, moo,or neigh. Not Applicable!! TOO OLD TO BE THINKING ABOUT THAT. My child bearing (adopting) days are over---I would love a grandchild with a good family name. We named our first one Sheri, and our second one Troy. If we had had another one we had picked out Crystal for a girl, but never picked out a boy's name. I liked Adam. Ah Huh, ever heard of menopause???? Too late now Not applicable. No more kids and no more dogs or cats. We have a red boxer and a rotweiler, a cat, 2 fish tanks. I hope when the kids move out and the animals go with them, I won't have to remember to feed somebody or something. not mine to choose--waiting for my daughters and son to have their turn God bless them all!!!!! I like the name Hunter and Stephen and Taylor which I have a grand daughter named Taylor I like "Brooke" but it will have to be a grandchild ?
13. WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE? My family and our health. Family Being happy with yourself and your life Taking care of yourself and those you love. Remembering those you care the most about and spending time with them. Seeing my daughter Lisa happy. Believing that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. - My family. My immediate family. Loving the people in my life and choosing behavior that proves it. Being happy and spending my time with my family and our friends. Treating other people as you want to be treated. Treat them with love and kindness and you will be rewarded. MY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD. My family Reaching your potential and doing good. My family. Being true to myself! My family. My family. Showing-up. My faith and my family are dearest to me. Enjoying everyday to the very fullest and having lots of friends and your family to spend time with. FAMILY AND FRIENDS. My family and my students The most important thing in my life is knowing my eternal destiny. When I was 9 years old I had the good sense to trust Jesus Christ as my only way to heaven. I put my complete trust in Him, realizing that my good works could never earn eternal life. The second most important thing is my wonderful relationship with my husband. I met him when I was 13 and fell in love right away. I've never changed my mind since! Family and friends. Enjoying it My mom, brothers, nephew and niece and my two cats. God, husband, kids in that order. health Family Family and second friends Family ?
14. FAVORITE FOODS? Depends, sometimes pasta, sometimes steak, always fresh salad and warm fresh bread with butter A good salad. Pizza if I want to 'blow it.' pub grub Steak, Chicken, Fish, etc. The normal meat and potatoes fare. When I used to eat a lot of desserts it was more fun. And those "special potatoes" that aspecial someone makes !!!!! Chicken and dumplings (mine), cappucino(french vanilla), fresh brewed tea, Michelob light, seafood (any except squid, YUK) Mexican, Italian or Cuban. Cuban Ropa Vieja, fried bannanas, yuca with mojo, and rice. I also love banana pudding, but to get it, I had to make it the only dessert I request for my birthday's instead of cake. My son and daughter now ask for it for their birthday celebrations too (brainwashed! he he he). Oh yeah, I also love Tapioca pudding. Prime rib, chicken piccata, coconut shrimp, Queensland Salad with Tangy Tomato Dressing (Outback Steakhouse). Chocolate, sushi, bbq and salads. Italian, seafood, Carolina BBQ and we even like collards since we've been here in NC (used to hate them)...............there's not much we don't like or don't try!!!!!! Pasta, sushi and lemon desserts. PIZZA, LEMON BARS, GRAIN AND NUT PANCAKES AT IHOP, AND CHOCOLATE. Oh God, I love Puerto Rican food, especially the fried sweet plantains and the wonderful way they cook pork, pie (especially the crust), polenta and bania. I like a wide variety: fresh fruit pie, a good Mexican burrito, roasted salmon, a hamburger cooked over a barbecue . . . Sweet potatoes, fried okra, cornbread (can you tell I've been in NC for over 2 decades? Sushi, steak & potatoes. Shrimp, steak and burritos. All of them! But if I have to choose, Shrimp Scampi, my husband's venison chili, and anything chocolate! Agidashi Tofu, Ruby-red grapefruit, Honeybell Oranges. - Cheese cake, pasta, sweet potatoes (just about everything) SOMEONE ELSE'S COOKING AND TAKE ME OUT TO THE FOOD. Penguin Ed's Bar-be-que, a good ceasar salad and, of course, anything sweet It's very hard to choose, but I'll try. Mexican, seafood, ice cream...not necessarily in that order. Salmon, Trout, Shrimp, Escargot, Crab Legs, pasta, fresh vegetables. Did I mention I absolutely HATE MEAT! Fish tacos Anything chocolate, cheese, peanut butter, mexican and italian. Chicken and dressing, fresh green beans and fresh cream corn. Blueberry cream cheese pie or pecan pie. tuna and chicken salads Food for thought My favorite food is and always has been spaghetti Prime Rib, fresh veggies ?
15. CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? Both, I'm not discriminating! Chocolate Neither Chocolate of course !!! chocolate (see 37) Vanilla, so that I can put anything on it. Any flavor, as long as it is chocolate. Oh, baby, Chocolate. Chocolate and more chocolate. Chocolate! A LITTLE OF BOTH Vanilla. Chocolate, of course. I'd prefer both! Chocolate for sure! I am not any kind of vanilla person! Chocolate See #14 - it is one of the basic food groups isn't it? Semi-sweet chocolate candy, vanilla coffee cooler. chocolate CHOCOLATE (was there ever any doubt) BOTH vanilla custard, chocolate ice cream Chocolate--M&M's to be exact, but when it comes to ice cream, it is definitely vanilla. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate of course! chocolate mocha Moose Tracks…… Chocolate chocolate ?
16. DO YOU LIKE TO DRIVE FAST? No. When I turned 49 I got my first speeding ticket and realized I couldn't talk my way out of it. What a bummer! No more than 5-10 miles over the limit. Absolutely. I just took a rally driving school here that scared the bejesus out of me, but was incredible fun. NZ roads are the most perfect I have ever seen for enthusiast driving - nothing boring. Love to but don't do it as much now !! Funny how your foot gets lighter the older you get. Also in direct proportion to the number of speeding tickets you have received. I don't like to but sometimes find myself doing it. I do like to get there faster...just can't think as fast to talk my way out of that ticket if I get stopped. So I try not to drive fast. - Love it, but don't do it. Cost too much to pay the fines. Just the usual 5-10 mph over the speed limit. Yes, and due to exceptional luck and a winning smile, I have only had two speeding tickets in 35 years, both for doing 25 in a 15. How do you figure that one? Nope. Like to be very consistent at less than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit leaving large spaces between me and the car in front of me. No .......but I don't like to be stuck in traffic either. These days I stick pretty close to the speed limit. Sometimes. I had a secret desire to be a race car driver and have had my car up to 125 mph, but only for a short time - I chickened out. So much for secret desires. I usually drive 10 over. I DON'T REALLY LIKE IT BUT IT SEEMS A NECESSITY WITH ME. Over 80 starts getting a little scary for me. Over 85 and I'm beginning to panic. Not particularly. I pretty much hover at the speed limit. Tom Tittle and I feel the same on this one - Love it, but don't do it. Cost too much to pay the fines. Just a little over the speed limit. Absolutely, especially in the Porsche I used to have. As fast as it will go!! I love to, but rather difficult with the Los Angeles traffic. Also, since I have a red car I don't need to draw attention. Depends on what I'm driving and where. Usually, I'm like most of us 5-10 over. Yup. Not in neighborhoods. - Yes, but only do so in safe environments like the Atlanta Speedway. NO!! HAVING WITNESSED 3 SEPARATE ACCIDENTS INVOLVING PEOPLE RUNNING THE RED LIGHTS FROM NOVEMBER TO MARCH AND HAVING MY CAR TOTALED IN AN ACCIDENT IN AUGUST, I HAVE NOW TURNED INTO MY MOTHER DRIVING HABITS. GUESS WE ALL GET THERE ONE DAY. Naw, I'm never in THAT much of a hurry---I live in ARKANSAS! A little bit. I got the chance to drive 120 miles per hour on the Autobon (I don't know how to spell it) in Germany. But at home I try to keep it down. Oh yes. Absolutely Like Marian, Love it, but don't do it like I used to. Got tired of going to drivers school! Now I go about 10 over the speed limit. I don't like it, but sometimes I have to stay ahead! no Not really…. no And feel the wind in my hair! ?
17. DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? No just 3 pillows. No If you want to call my dogs stuffed. Not On Your Life !!!!!!!!! Only if you consider my mother an animal....she's not fat, she's fluffy (like a stuffed animal). - Nope. Just 2 or 3 pillows. No, no room on the bed. Have about 6 pillows. Nope, but I drive with a Coke Bear (in rememberance of taking daughter Dev to the Coke Museum in Atlanta/she has one too) on the dash and an Alien in the back seat (in rememberance of a wonderful client who died just before my son Justin could give it to him as a present). No, but I have a Teddy Bear on my headboard shelf that my husband gave me for Valentine's Day years says "I love you" on the bottom of the foot. No. Just my husband. NO, HE'S A NICE LIVE MAN. Like Tom, 3 pillows! Uh, no. Do adults do that? Actually, I'm not sure I ever slept with a stuffed animal. No - do 2 cats count? Not unless I can count the blow-up doll, except my wife sometimes takes exception. No. Just my husband (VBGrin). Not lately… I sleep with my husband, the rat terrier and the cat, no room for stuffed animals. NOPE FLUFFY TEDDY BEAR THAT MY GRANDBABY WANTS. When I'm travelling, I've been known to sleep with "Freckles," a doll my sister made for me when she was 12 and I was 5. No. Yep, my husband :-) What did you call my husband? Yes - Rufus the dog, Tweety Bird, Quigley (a small pillow with a personality that was made for me in college when I was ill, by a roommates grandmother in Mexico!) and my Persian, Baby who is alive The hubby is enough. no Only if she has just eaten….. No but if I did it would be a cuddly teddy bear live ones--3 doxi's ?
18. STORMS - COOL OR SCARY? Cool if I'm home safe and the lightening isn't too close, but if I'm out and about they can be annoying - you know, the wet hair and clothes and mud. Cool, they don't really bother me. I always hated tornados in the US - otherwise, fascinating. Very Cool !!!! Especially when it is cool outside and the rain is falling. Must be scary because I would rather be in bed when one hits. But then any excuse to be in bed works for me. - Cool. The worse the better! What's not to like? Love thunder and lightning, so, very cool. Always cool. Storms are cool and peaceful. Storms are exciting. During Andrew I didn't sleep a wink all night watching the wind blowing the trees around. I love watching lightening. I'VE EXPERIENCED BOTH. Cool unless we're talking category 3 type hurricanes or higher. Very cool. I much prefer thunder to lightning, however. Cool. They're WONDERFUL!! I love a great thunder storm! Cool. Cool. Unless it's a tornado like the one that tore up most of our town a few years back (missed our house by less than half a block!) then it is w-a-a-a-y Scary! Cool, very cool. Because of the fear factor. - Rain is COOL, thunder & lightening are SCARY. SCARY AND ESPECIALLY WHEN I AM ALONE. Depends on whether or not I'm IN the car during a hailstorm. Cool. Cool, but definitely depends on how close the lightning is. Depends Sort of scary because they sometimes precede hurricanes. Not scary but would like it to pass quickly. cool Real cool……… Storms are fascinating but can also be scary love storms--cool ?
19. WHAT TYPE WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? A red and yellow Plymouth - I called her Cleopatra because the car was finicky. 1959 Volvo station wagon that I drove while at FHHS. VW Beetle First car was a 1957 Chevy !!! Blue and white. Followed by the yellow volkswagon with the flowers on the side . Those were the days !!! 1963 Ford Falcon - An old VW Bus that barely made it back from Upper Peninsula Michigan when I got out of the Air Force. 64 Ford Falcon Old blue Ford that I rolled into oblivion. I honestly don't remember what my first car was. Guess it was too long ago and too many cars. (It ran.....that was the important thing!) 1967 Chevy Nova - 4 door with a 357 engine. That baby could fly. DATSUN 260Z A positively horrible Pontiac Tempest that would barely make it over the causeways. My mother never let my father forget that he picked it out! A 1974 avocado Fiat 124 sedan. a 1964 Fiat 2400 (only a dozen or so were imported so it took forever to get parts). 1949 Blue Ford sedan. Dodge. A white Chevy Impala Corvair. - I had an old Jaguar (It was blue) that my Dad bought from an elderly lady in Palm Beach. I didn't know much about cars then and let the transmission fluid dry up in it. We couldn't afford to get it fixed so it was towed away. Sure wish I had it now. I WAS MARRIED WHEN I GOT A CAR. HUSBAND PAID 50 DOLLARS, CARRIED A BATTERY IN THE BACK SEAT AND HAD TO MAKE SURE THE DRIVER'S DOOR SHUT CAUSE IT WOULD TEND TO OPEN WHILE IN MOTION. . WOULDN'T EVEN THINK OF DRIVING A CAR LIKE THAT TODAY, LIKE I SAID TURNED INTO MY MOTHER. A '64 VW bug My first car was the one my husband had when we got married. It was a 1952 Plymouth. It had a hole in the floor board on the passenger side, and you had the hold the driver's door shut when you made a right turn! We were in college at the time. Oh my goodness! Lynne you have to remember this :-) Bright yellow '61Chevy Impala my parents got for me from the Sheriff's Dept. that was confiscated in a drug bust for $100!!!! Rambler a 1971 Chevy Vega 1959 ford convertible 1971 red toyota '59 Chevy…vroom, vroom……carried the band 'stuff', can't complain Nova 1964 Corvair ?
20. IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE? Jesus Jesus Ayrton Senna It would be my grandfather Carpenter, my mother's dad. I didn't gget to know him very well because he passed away when I was little. I remember going to his house in Ft Lauderdale and watching the N Y Yankees on the TV and fishing in his back yard. John , from Passing Over - I'll leave the Godhead off the list - I hope that will be a pleasant encounter when it happens. As far as an earth-bound sentient being, living or dead, I believe I'd like to have met and talked to Einstein. A brilliant man who seemed to be very humble and easy to talk to. I'd love to discuss some crazy ideas and have him blow me away by saying "very interesting" to one of my crazy thoughts. Meet? I take that to mean someone that I haven't met already, so I guess I would like to meet Nikola Tesla. Jesus. I would like to meet my grandmother's mother. I have an old original picture of her sitting with my grandparents on their wedding day. I just love the picture and the outfits they are wearing......would love to spend time talking to her. If I met Jesus I wouldn't know where to start with all my questions. The one person alive would be the Pope. I PLAN TO MEET JESUS ONE DAY. There are so many people that would be wonderful to meet, but I think that I'd like to have met my maternal grandmother. Thomas Jefferson might be interesting, I suppose. Ditto Mark Twain. There are many others, I'm sure, but I wouldn't be interested in any who led religious revivals. My Mom. I'd give anything for a little more time with her. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather Campbell who came from Scotland, just so we might examine what we have in common in todays world! My father. I couldn't choose just one. I'd give anything to have my parents back from death and dementia so I could get to know them with an adult's appreciation. Sandi's father. To thank him. my brother-in-law, Bob, I was terribly intimidated by him for years and when I finally found out what a great guy, and second dad he was to my husband, he was dying. I regret not getting to know him sooner. Jesus MY GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER WHO PASSED AWAY WHEN I WAS 9. I REMEMBER HER SINGING. William Shakespeare Jesus would be the obvious answer. My maternal grandfather who came over from Holland and disembarked at the Statue Of Liberty. Arnold Schwartzenegger my Dad, I miss him I'd love to meet Jesus. my dad Adam….need to know if all that stuff is true Elvis Presley Elvis Presley ?
21. FAVORITE DRINK? Iced tea, iced coffee, especially from Starbucks or Barneys Soft drink - Diet Pepsi; Alcoholic - Amoreta Sour Speight's Distinction Ale These days it is Diet Coke but I am learning to appreciate a good wine. Brewed sweet iced tea, water with lots of ice, Michelob light when I want a beer. - Favorite soda is Materva (a soda made with Yerba Mate' extract). Favorite mixed drink is Whiskey Sour. Pepsi  Love that Jamba Juice and prefer my own Smoothies. Based on consumption, the answer is Diet Caffeine Free Coke. Exotic tea or smoothies -- depends on the weather. I enjoy Absolute and Tonic now and then, but my favorite is a good homemade Root Beer. DIET CRÈME SODA. Water....... . Don't drink much alcohol but I have a girlfriend that makes great Vodka Tonics:) Milk, lattes, cherry cola, a good Scotch, a cold light beer, a Chateauneuf du Pape . . . Soft - iced tea. Hard - white or blush wine. I drink anything that is available-especially water Dr. Pepper. I do not drink alcohol. Good old NC sweet iced tea (no one makes it quite the same way anywhere else!) for everyday, and a nice Riesling for special occasions. Barnie's Coffee Cooler (Vanilla Creme). - Ice Tea and White Ziffendale ICE TEA AND WHITE RUSSIANS Gin and Tonic Non-alcoholic: tea---no sugaar Coca Cola and water (but not together!) Sorry have three--Coffee, Water, and Coca Cola. Cosmopolitan iced tea. Coffee, Diet coke and lemon iced tea water Milk…sorry…… I mostly drink ice tea but I love hot chocolate Hot cocoa ?
22. WHAT IS YOUR ZODIAC SIGN? Sagitarius Aquarius (is that spelled right??) Aquarius Capricorn Virgo.... need I say more Lunatic Aries Sag Reese's Pieces Cancer Sagittarius - but I don't believe in Zodiac signs. My horoscope for today says I need to answer all my e-mails. I DON'T USE THE STUF If you've read all of my answers you know! Aquarius Scorpio Gemini Sagitarius Libra 9/23 (Your guess is as good as mine...). - Libra UNBALANCED LIBRA huh? They still do that? I don't believe in them and don't pay any attention to them. But I was born in April. Sagittarius Cancer Pisces It is scorpio, but I don't follow it or read about it, unless it is the only thing left in the newspaper in a doctors office. capricorn Leo Cancer aries ?
23. DO YOU EAT THE STEMS OF BROCCOLI? I'll eat any part of the broccoli - cooked or raw. Past President George Bush didn't know what he was missing - all of that anti oxident working for you! I don't eat broccoli. Yep That is the only thing President George Bush ( the dad) and I have in common. I DON'T LIKE BROCCOLI EITHER !!!! Does Broccoli have stems???? I do eat Broccoli but don't know what a stem looks like. - Yes. Best if steamed, but not limp, with butter or cheese melted on them. When disguised with cheese or in soup. Yes, raw or cooked: love it. Yes, sure do........also slice them and add to soup. Yes, raw or cooked. YES. DOESN'T EVERYONE? Yep, Brussel Sprouts too! Not usually, but worse things could happen Of course! Never stems, only the Flower part Yes. Yes. Just about anyway you fix them. Only cooked. - NOPE YES, ONLY RAW BROCCOLI No, and the broccoli has to be in soup before I'll eat it. Cooked, yes; raw, no Mmmmm yes :-) No way. I don't eat ANY part of Broccoli...I hate the smell too bad! No yes-if they are steamed Yep… No I don't eat Broccoli yep ?
24. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB YOU WANTED WHAT WOULD IT BE? I've loved being a nurse, however if I could have balanced two careers I would like to have been a writer, a good writer! MLB manager of NFL head coach. Head of the NZ America's Cup Syndicate I love being a school principal, but I would also like to do more motivational speaking and that desire to be a politician still exists Owner of my own business. - My present job as an state environmental employee is not all that bad. If not that, it would have to be a job where I could help people to use their PC's to more of their potential and showing them how to use the software they have more effectively. I'm no PC guru, but since my first 4K Radio Shack Color Computer around 1980, which I upgraded to 64k bare-handedly ... which was scary back in those days, I've been fascinated by the little devils. Lying in a hammock, and counting the leaves fall, as long as there were not too many falling at one time. U. S. Senator. Actually, I like being retired now. Can't stand the thought of being on a schedule every day anymore or working for someone..........those days are gone! Mermaid for Life! It is so very liberating be able to soar through the water.

After that maybe an astronaut.
A SURGEON. Hmm, good question, and at 53 I still can't answer that! being in charge of creating cool things for someone While the computer industry has provided a pretty good career, I would prefer to work with non-profit groups (admin.). I love working for myself. There is no job in politics I would want, and corporate america is hamstrung and locked in philosophy's of the past, so there you have it. I love the job I have (office manager for a law firm), but always was interested in oceanography. I've held many types of jobs since HS - lab tech, secretary, photographer, EMT/ fire dept. dispatcher, bodyguard, artist - but the one I find most rewarding is the one I hold now as a wife, daughter, step-mother, grandmother, and friend. Yacht joiner or custom woodworking. - I'd choose the one I have now. Selling cars. It is not something I ever pictured myself doing, but I love it! YOU GUYS THINK MAYBE NANCY DREW, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WOULD HAVE WORKED. LOL I'm doing it. The one I have. Selling Premier Designs jewelry through home shows. I loved being a stay at home Mom too. Since I have to be truthful, it would be Gore's campaign manager telling him to NOT run for any office! PLEASE don't send hate email to me!! Retired Musical comedy star - I sing, dance and act in community theater...but would LOVE to be able to do it full time and earn a living at it....Sister Hubert in Nunsense was my favorite part (I could play that part forever) A lawyer I would like to have my own breakfast and coffee shop. President……how cool would that be!!!!!!! I really don't know, nothing comes to mind vetenarian ?
25. IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR WHAT WOULD IT BE? I already do - brown. One day I'll see what color it really is, but not yet. I like my current red color (what little is left). I could dye my hair any color I want. I wouldn't dye it at all. I like it just the way it is. hide all the gray I have now where black used to be. - Leaving it natural to do it's thing ... when I was younger, my dad died his hair and my brother and I thought it was extremely humorous. Always wanted to be a redhead, but lack the courage. I won't change it ... although my friend and my son have gone partly platinum and they look amazingly good. Well, it's cover up the gray that keeps appearing. Blonde and I do color it. Don't know what it would look like any other color. AUBURN Love beautiful deep red hair and just have never quite had the guts to do it. I wouldn't. Don't have a preference. Nature's doing a pretty good job of changing it from brown to silver. I am comfortable with my hair color, (naturally grey) I would leave it the natural blonde it is. I wouldn't - I've earned every one of these gray hairs and I aim to keep them! Not a chance...! - Blonde, of course. I, AM, ON KEEPING IT BROWN I remember the girls who used to dye their hair blond, then when the roots grew out it looked awful. I'll stick with my brown. I have never changed my salt and pepper hair. This is hard, I've always had blonde hair and I can't see myself with anything else. Red I already dye it reddish brown to try and hide the gray! Brown, I could only wish for brown again! my original color - a form of brown Any color….would be just proud to have hair…. a light brown with golden highlights I've been a brunette, red head and now blonde--think I will stick with blonde ?


Most likely Of course, haven't we all. It's better to have been in love and lost than to have never been in love before.

In high school I had many crushes but I don't know if it was love. There was someone I always wanted to ask out back then but never got up the nerve !!! After 35 years I finally asked and I sure am glad I did !!!!
several times

- I'd hope so! Otherwise, it would have been a wasted 30 years!

Of course, several times. But I didn't date near as many as I was attracted to. My loss.

Yes, he was 7 years older than I was, and I still think about him occasionally. My folks broke us up, because they thought he was too old for me.
Always!!! :-)

Okay, yes, but only weekly. "Two & Two" ... you know who you are ;-)

Yes, then, too.
My one true love is my husband,

but I had a few loves in high school and a few mad crushes.

Hasn't everyone?

More like big crushes and trust me, never reciprocated.
several times,

but not in high school, though I was infatuated with a few girls

Yes - then, too!
Many Times!

I was in love with Sherry Icard (FH Class of '68)

Yep - still am!

Duh? Who wasn't? Or at least we thought we were.


I had crushes in high school, but wasn't really in love, though I thought so at the time.

I'm still in love with my only love. I would hope so since I've been married to husband since '69!

Many times, but it wasn't love and I was so VERY shy in High School.
Still am

I thought I was

Yes - several times!

Rick Merrill
still am

Let me count the ways.... Yes

well..... yes or so I thought at the time
Once ?
27. IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL? Overflowing ! Always half full. Generally full Depends. If it is something I like it is half empty. If it is medicine then it is still half full. Depends on what is in it. - It's always full (something is filling the space). Half full Full, if coke, and empty, if beer. It's always half full. The glass is alway half full. I couldn't imagine it being otherwise. ITS ALWAYS ON ITS WAY UP Half full. just half It's usually more than half full - I'm the eternal optimist… Always Full, life is what you make of it Full, I am a huge optimist. Half full - and if it isn't I will find something to fill it. "Fill that which is empty, empty that which is filled and scratch the itch". I am somewhat of an optomist and would say the glass is half full. Always Half Full I AM THE ONE WHO WASHES THE GLASS, I AM A REALIST. Depends on what's in the glass. Half full Half full. Always half full Usually half full, but I don't dwell on the glass. grateful either way. half full Dumb question.... half full Half Full ?
28. FAVORITE MOVIES Movies with Robin Williams, Sean Connery, Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson in them; some old black and white films, One Enchanted April, the Titanic, a good mystery. American Pie, Titanic, The Replacements Braveheart, Platoon, The Man Who Would be King, The Wind & the Lion, Midnight Cowboy, etc All The President's Men, When Harry Met Sally, E.T., Casablanca, Anything with Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, or Julia Roberts Fiddler on the Roof, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Hello Again, The Godfather (all of them and the special making of one) Many old classics and a few newer ones, including Rear Window, Harold & Maude, Casablanca, Serial Mom and most Marx Brothers films. 2001 Space Odyssey, all the Plant of the Apes movies, and now The Lord of the Rings (I hope the next 2 parts will be as good as the first). Independence Day, My Fair Lady, Dirty Dancing, Star Wars I, Soldier. For totally loosing myself in a thoughtful, action movie: Minority Report with Tom Cruise!!! For laughs, "The Sweetest Thing" with Cameron Diaz. For viewing a million times: "Dirty Dancing." For watching Arnold: "Total Recall." For romance: "Roman Holiday" or "An Affair to Remember (either the Cary Grant or the Warren Beaty version preferring Mr. Grant)." Most Recent Movie with a Great Message (and lots of laughs): "Shallow Hal." Love those old romantic comedies "Sleepless in Seattle", "You've Got Mail", also, thought "Shallow Hal" was hilarious! But somehow, we end up seeing more action movies like "Saving Private Ryan", "Pearl Harbor", "Windtalkers" and the like. Gone With the Wind" My husband proposed to me the night we went to see it in the old Florida Theatre. For action, I enjoy "True Lies" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". If I want a really good cry, "Patriot". THE STING, STRIPES (JUST THE PARADE GROUNDS PART), THE 6TH SENSE, AND JUST ABOUT ANYTHING WITH DENZEL WASHINGTON OR TOM HANKS. Hah! The King and I (with Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr), GWTW, most of the Ivory & Merchant movies whose names escape me. Most recent ones? Well, here's where a typical menopause moment occurs. I can't remember any titles! I go to a lot of movies though, honest! Even by myself! Dr. Strangelove, Airplane!, I don't know, a bunch of others Gone With the Wind, Mr. Holland's Opus, To Sir with Love, to name a few… "Sound of Music", "Matrix", "Shakespear in Love" Casablanca, Independence Day, old Charlie Chan films. 2001 Space Odyssey, We Were Soldiers, Field of Dreams, Dirty Dancing, and many, many more. The Natural, Legend of Bagger Vance, 2001. The Quiet Man, and I also like Field of Dreams and other sentimental things Dirty Dancing, Pearl Harbor, Sleepless in Seattle, Beaches, I guess I'm just a romantic. BACK TO THE FUTURE, PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED, THINGS ALONG THE LINE. ESCAPE REALITY. My all time favorite movie is "The Lion in Winter." "Gone With the Wind" has always been my all time favorite. I also loved "Father of the Bride". "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" for watching with my grandson when he gets old enough. The Right Stuff, The Perfect Storm, Return To Me, Tombstone, and so many more… Sound of Music classics...Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, An Affair to Remember, My Fair Lady, King & I, Lady & The Tramp...of the newer ones Legally Blonde, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Pretty Woman, E.T. to name a few… - Most Recent Movie with a Great Message (and lots of laughs): My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Chocolait Patton, Shwshank Redemption, The Right Stuff…… gone with the wind/ titanic Gone With The Wind, Titanic ?
29. DO YOU TYPE WITH YOUR FINGERS ON THE RIGHT KEYS? No - I never took typing with Ms. Plumley and now with computers available everywhere I wish I had. No Yes, but only after repeating a typing course at age 46 I never took typing in high school. I only type with two fingers on my right hand. You mean there are keys on the right and left ? lol Absolutely, I just don't always push the right one at the right time. - Yes, but I also use the left keys (thanks to Mrs. Fizer and the other witch, Mrs. P?, who taught typing) Yes, except the numbers. Yes, thanks to my witch of a high school typing teacher (old-miss-what's-her-name?) Oh yes......always. What's her name was Miss Plumlee - ugh! I had Mrs. Jones (Nice lady). I have to type with the fingers on the right keys or nothing would ever get finished. IS THAT REALLY POSSIBLE? Of course, but what was so witchy about those nice typing teachers Tom?! Yes Yes, and Tommy, it was Miss Plumlee (the witch), who taught us typing. Yes, thanks to my witch of a high school typing teacher. No. Only when I Don't think about it. Yup. I had Mrs. Eassa in Summer School for a few daze. - Yes, I have to it's my job. I DO DATA ENTRY WORK SO HAVE TO USE BOTH. MS. PLUMLEE WAS A REAL WITCH. SHE SENT ME THE DEANS OFFICE BECAUSE I TOLD HER NO THANK YOU ONCE WHEN SHE WANTED A SOLO PERFORMANCE FOR THE CLASS ON HOW NOT TO TYPE. ONLY TIME I EVER GOT IN TROUBLE BUT MS. EASSA WAS A SWEETHEART. Yes, thanks to my witch of a high school typing teacher, (Michael's words) Miss Plumlee. It's the only skill I learned in high school that I still use today. Yes, thanks to Miss Plumlee! No I type with my fingers on the correct keys :-) Yes, but I have to look Yes, and it was Miss Plumlee who taught me as well Thank God for the delete and backup buttons if I am looking yllausu yes yes ?
30. WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED? Carpet and occasionally the dog, Daisy. She's a Minpin, but doesn't realize she's only 8 lbs - she acts like an 80 lb Dobie if anyone comes near. Carpet, nothing else. The living room The rug !!!!!!! Sometimes my cat. A box of boots, my safebox and lots of dust. Bicycle Handlebars. Dust balls from the carpet. Just a second, gotta look. Hmmmmmm... one sock, box of old pictures, tools in a blue plastic case. It. Nothing right now. I already moved it to the other house. Did have a plastic storage box with sweaters, though. A carpet and platform for a waterbed. However when I was very young, I thought a monster lived there and I would take a flying leap to get into bed so it couldn't get my ankles. CATS One of my cats, Sheba. not a damn thing. A couple of boxes of family photos. Nothing, it is a waterbed Nothing. Dust bunnies and craft supplies. Whatever Sandi wants to put there. Under my bed are several things I've collected over the years. Carpet TABLE LEAF AND BOX OF LINENS dust Carpet and dust. Storage boxes holding sweaters and jeans that won't fit into my closet, I have a clothes fetish! Afraid to look A bed tray and several storage bags with sweaters and coats in them (I don't wear them often, but don't want to part with them) dust My treasures and lots of dust The missing sock….. dust bunnies probably a few dust bunnies ?
31. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE NUMBER? Don't have one - always thought it was 7, but it never won me anything 2 10 (see 37) 26 I can't get excited about a number, however, if one of you wants to send me a check with a very large number in the amount space, I promise to become very excited. Any number with dollar signs in front and many zero's following. I'd have to pick one out of a hat......doesn't really matter. 18 THREE 5 Oh, please. 7 Any number with dollar signs before it. 17 13 has always been a lucky number for me - Walt and I were married on the 13th. I'm also fond of 42. One. - 7 27 2 7 9 Any of them that win the Lotto 3 2 do not have one 13 3, 5 and 7 13 ?
32. FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH - Volleyball - both daughters played in high school and the youngest wants to play in college next year. It's exciting to see young women who are so healthy and strong and yet feminine. It also surprises me that I have a competitive streak and I'm just watching! Football (college or NFL) Motor racing of any kind other than ovals College football ( Go Noles ! ) Professional baseball and football. Sometimes golf if it is a major tournament. Baseball - College Football Football Surfing 'cause its so exciting. Soccer. My son's challenge team won 3 state championships when he was in high school. We had great fun with all the parents and families travelling to tournaments and games. All the families became quite close and we still do things with many of them. I do enjoy watching basketball and football, also. Football - just love to see them huddle up! T-BALL Golf major league baseball-- or nude women's anything Atlanta Braves baseball or Miami Dolphins football - depending on the time of year. Football NFL Football Baseball and the Tour de France (Attaboy, Lance!!) Surfing. - Wrestling. I guess it's not really a sport, but it is very entertaining. BASEBALL AND GATOR SPORTS CAUSE MY KIDS MAKE ME. THEY BOTH GRADUATED FROM THERE. tennis. My dream is to one day be in London and go to a Wimbledon match. Basketball...Do gymnastics count? Tennis. Volleyball Ice skating anytime, summer Olympics (swimming, diving, gymnastics, even track) World Series if the Atlanta Braves are in it Football soccer--my daughter and husband are very involved with it. I love watching DANCE Golf I don't really watch much sports,but I enjoy watching ice skating if you call that a sport Baseball ?
33. SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT: THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS or ABOUT SOMEONE IN YOUR CLASS? Michael, what a great idea. You had the courage to send this out not knowing what to expect and it seems most of us want to share, even though we couldn't get our lame selves to the reunion this year. I really do not remember the person. In the recesses of my mind, I remember Michael as having a bizarre sense of humor Got this from Mike Z A great person whom I've known for many years. He has remained the same guy Thank you for the opportunity to exercise my brain. You must have known I needed it. - Mike is a guy I didn't know much in High School. But he seems to be full of energy and a great guy to get to know. I would like to say something nice about all of us. We were a pretty good group. When I think of our class, the only "bad" things I can think of are that a few smoked behind the bleachers, had a few beers on the weekends, sneaked out for lunch, or cut school and then worried that they were going to get caught. Gees, wouldn't it be a great place if that was what the major problems in high school were today? Kim Z-Sorkness: my beautiful, kind, talented niece who lives too damn far away and has amazingly good taste in men (husband Jeff and son Kyle) is a professional golfer and so is her husband; very few couples are PGA pro's. This is wonderful!!! Glad you started this, Mike Z. It's nice reading about everyone and catching up some after all those years. Mike was always very kind to me and was/is quite the gentleman! TOM TITTLE SENT THIS AND I THINK HE HAS GROWN INTO A CARING AND RESPONSIBLE HUSBAND, FATHER, AND COMMUNITY MEMBER. Tom is one of my very favorite people from high school and I'm sure that he's just as nice as I remember him. He still looks pretty good too from some photo's I've seen! Well, I remember Mike from high school as always being very kind and cheerful, caring and friendly. And I remember him from one or another of the reunions as not having changed at all and wondering if he had an old, decrepit picture hanging in his closet somewhere. Sure enjoyed spending time with Tommy Tittle at our reunion. Michael Z., who always brought out the edgyness in me in High School. I only knew Tom Tittle slightly, but he was always pleasant. What an inspired pair Mike and Tom are to get and keep this connection going! Thank you!

Also thank you, Brenda, for keeping me posted!!!
Glad to see & hear from anyone who cares about themselves and appreciates others. Tom Tittle was a nice guy who always made me laugh. I bet he still is. Mike is such a great guy. We were in the band together for years and he is like a family member. It is wonderful to see him as a happy fulfilled adult. EVERYONE HAS BEEN NICE What ca you say about Michael Zmistowski? He has OBVIOUSLY matured over the years! Arlene has been one of my favorite memories of high school. Lynne is a sweetheart! I was never a morning person and she never complained when I made us late for those horrible classes at PBJC that started before 8 AM!!! I don't know Mike but I've known Tommy since we were small children and he's still the same very nice guy he was then. I really miss Marian....she's a truly good person. She sounds like she has her priorities in order. You have a very big heart Nice hair…… I have 2 of the closest friends whom I am still close to Vicki Tidwell Eason and Gail Tucker Levesgue. We have stayed in contact infact lived within a few blocks of each other for many years. Vicki moved away a few years ago and Gail just recently moved to Georgia. I have since ran into Mary Smith who was also a close friend. We have been in contact now for several months - ?
34. PERSON YOU SENT THIS TO THAT IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? ??? Don't know I didn't send it to anyone else - I really don't know since I have not been in contact with this group in all these years. But hope someone will send it back to me. I would like to know more about any of my old classmates. - Elaine Clemens. I haven't stayed in contact with many of you, so I don't know. I don't even know which of you sent me this before I realized that these were not SPAM in my mailbox. I usually read only the email where I recognize the name. Daughter Devany. Who knows........hope everyone sends it out. I haven't been in touch with many classmates since we've been in NC (14 years), but this is a nice way of remembering and reflecting back on friendships. Diana Southgate Duke DORIS FINLAYSON HADDON … SHE'S THE ONLY EMAIL I KNOW OTHER THAN TOM'S. SORRY ABOUT THE WAY THAT SOUNDS DORIS. BUT YOU KNOW I TREASURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND OUR ELECTRONIC FRIENDSHIP. Linda DeSarro uh, probably Mike Leslie Rosenburg Elaine Clemens I have no idea. I have not seen anyone from high school since graduation. Given what I've seen, Mike and Tom and Brenda. Sandi. - ? - Scuzzi Mollie Thompson I truly don't know. Come on Leslie I have no idea. I haven't been apart of this group or able to attend a reunion. I was close this year, but things didn't workout. So I really don't know who is who and I couldn't believe I couldn't recognize people in the photos. I hope the people who remember me will respond Chris Smith….if you send it to her……. Vicki Tidwell Eason and Mary Smith Smith/ yes she married a Smith Don't know ??? ?
35. PERSON YOU SENT THIS TO THAT IS LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? ??? Don't know Ditto. - Anyone that doesn't know or remember me. - Someone on the list that didn't come to this reunion and has no intention on going to the next Reunion. ??? I don't send it to people that are unlikely to respond except for high school classmates who are too lame to attend reunions. Who knows??? Right on! (to Mike's: "I don't send it to people that are unlikely to respond except for high school classmates who are too lame to attend reunions)" DOES DORIS GET EQUAL BILLING HERE BECAUSE SHE'S THE ONLY EMAIL I KNOW? Those of us who didn't attend the reunion are such easy targets.… uh, probably Mike I think most of us want to get to know each other. Rick Spradlin because I don't have his email address. N/A Someone like me, who couldn't make it to the reunions, and isn't too sure if anyone would remember them anyway. Jstew01 (that's my old address). - ? - I don't attend high school reunions, Michael, because you have them just when my job is getting started for the year! My husband Those of us who didn't attend the reunion are such easy Targets....Lynne I couldn't agree more, so left in what you typed. Ramona - too busy jet setting the world I have no idea. - I do not know Mary Lou Sparks…..I'd love to hear from you…….. Gail Tucker Levesque Same as above ?
36. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE RAZING OF FOREST HILL HIGH SCHOOL? It's sad for us, but good that the teens will have a new facility. Let's hope new ideas and technology come with the new school. Hate to see it. I always enjoyed seeing it, and the baseball field, as I drove down I-95 on the way to and from my parents in Pompano Beach. But, putting a more state of the art facility in place is important for today's students. I didn't know it was being razed, but the last time I saw it, the area around it had shrunk to nothing. So much for memories. As sad as it is to say It needed to be done. The school has not kept up with the technology of the newer high schools and is on a very small piece of property. It will be better in the long run for those that come now. Besides. It is only a building. The memories there were dear ones and we will always have those for the rest of our lives. I couldn't believe it. - At least they're replacing it. I feel sad. Old buildings, like old people, may just need a little plastic surgery to face the world. The damn thing is over 40 years old ... doesn't everything get razed after 40? ;-) Oh ......hope the new structure will hold all the old memories as well as the new. I'm sorry to see the old girl being torn down, but I understand. She the last of the original high schools to be brought into the 21st century. Hopefully, the kids will appreciate her new look. I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY THINK 40 IS OLD. I literally watched it being built so it's sad to me. Well, I guess for selfish reasons I think it's too bad, but I don't have any information on which to make a reasoned judgment about it. I hope they'll be able to replace it with a real state-of-the-art facility. I am saddened by this event, but all things in this world have to evolve eventually. It is sad, but a new state of the art high school would be wonderful. I had no idea! Shocking, but no doubt about time for some new facilities. Do more modern schools make for a better education? The system is suffering from artificial intelligence. - Nothing ever stays the same. Change is inevitable. It sure has a lot of memories. FOREST HILL CHANGED SINCE WE GRADUATED, LOST ITS INNOCENCE I think it's a shame that it has become what it is, a school that is failing. It is fine with me. I never go over there any way. It's not like it won't exist anymore. Breaks my heart :-( Always thought it would be fun to do I hope they'll be able to replace it with a real state-of-the-art facility. I couldn't believe it. don't destroy the spirit of the school Didn't know…….have to think about that…… Well I am not sure what you mean by Razing but if you mean change, nothing stays the same. I have good memories that last a life time - ?
37. DID YOU ENJOY THIS LITTLE TIME OUT? Yes. Looking forward to the next reunion. The pictures of the reunion were wonderful - everyone looked like they were having fun. Yes, plus I have enjoyed reading the ones that I have received. This was fun. Some of the questions were goofy, but it was a good breather. It's been great reading all the responses. Amazing how much we all have in common. Looking forward to the 55th birthday bash and the next reunion. Let's all keep in touch Immensely; Even tho I am a person of few words I managed to find some answers for you.(HA, HA) For me, John Shoemaker, one of the best things about getting older is knowing when I can break the rules and do things my way. And that’s what I’m doing now. I won’t talk about favorite colors, numbers, smells, flavors, or sounds since those things change all the time and aren’t all that revealing anyway.
I’m more interested in important things; such as do you understand the proper way to install a roll of toilet paper (it’s supposed to come out over the top, not from behind - even though that is where it ends up).
It was wonderful visiting with many on you on August 9th at Bradley’s.

[John's other replies do not fit this format, but the questions he thought up and humorously answered will be asked in the next questionnaire coming in early 2003.]
Sure, but I'll enjoy the responses to the questions by others even more. OK, enjoy is a little strong, but I have really enjoyed hearing what all the people who sent this to me have had to say, and I did have to think about some of these questions, so it has been an interesting way to send a little time. Yes, 'cause it helps to remember who I am and what's important to me. Yes.........but I am especially enjoying reading about everyone else's time out!!! Keep it going! Thanks! I'm surprised I agreed with Mike as much as I did. THE ONLY REASON I DID THIS IS BECAUSE I ACTUALLY ENJOYED READING MIKE'S AND TOM'S. SO PERHAPS SOMEONE CAN ENJOY MINE AS WELL. GOD BLESS Sure, but I'll enjoy the responses to the questions by others even more. I suppose, but I wish I had more time to think about these questions. Not bad, and I'll look forward to hearing from some of the others, too! Yes, because it helps me tell those who used to know me, who I am today. Yes. Look forward to hearing from others. Absolutely! It came at a time when I really needed a break, and I love hearing about what everyone is and has been doing. (Had to get out my memories box and look through our yearbook. Were we ever really that young?) I hope this informal "chat" will continue. I know we all lead busy lives (who ever said being retired meant less to do? Ha! Fat chance.) but it is nice to stay in touch however infrequently or indirectly.

Best wishes and butterfly days to all.
You bet..! Thanks for the opportunity. See you at the 40th… I have really enjoyed these questionaires and it's good to see that so many are doing well.

Carolyn Mansfield Atherton and I have kept close up until this year and will catch up again, I'm sure. I have heard from Elaine Clemens a couple of times and Would love to hear from Lucille Giemza.
Yes, I loved it. It was great seeing everyone at the reunion. I wish our entire class would come to the next one. I HAVE ENJOYED READING ALL THE RESPONSES AND HAVE PRINTED THEM FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. It kept me out of trouble for the time it took me to answer the questions! I loved it...but I don't usually like forwards and don't respond to them. I sure did, it was fun and I can't wait to see what others have to say This isn't for real is it? Not bad, and I'll look forward to hearing from some of the others, too! Yes yes--thanks for the opportunity to say hello to all my old classmates Lame…but I responded, so what can I say……… Yes - ?